Read this guide but don’t tell anyone. You’re gonna need to pray that no one else finds it lying around, because you will become unforgettable in the eyes of your partner. If I had known about the existence of this guide’s secrets when I was young, my life would have been very different..!


Women can ejaculate even if they have never done before.

A man can learn to make his woman ejaculate.

Every male wants to bring on her best orgasm ever.

It has nothing to do with age, size, beauty or natural talents.

It's a simple method to learn, it’s easy to apply and when you master these techniques you’ll leave a lasting impression on your partner.

Three out of four women would like to be able to squirt every time in their relationship, not just sporadically.

Women tend to remember their first squirting experience on a par with their first orgasm.

Women who experience squirting every time, consider it to be the most memorable aspect of their relationship.

Women don’t have that special understanding with every partner, that allows them to feel truly free.

I’m an erotic masseur for women in Milan. I am often asked about the hidden mechanics behind female orgasms with ejaculation, better known as SQUIRTING.

Rest assured, you don’t need to have extraordinary qualities to succeed, BUT if you can do it, you can then say "I have the power”. Once you have this power, your experiences will become extraordinarily unforgettable, and your partner won’t be able to get enough of it.

Every woman has a secret closet hiding her most shocking orgasms ever.

This guide is the key to becoming the one to make her experience these incredible moments.

how to distinguish the differences between ejaculatory fluid, urine and vaginal flow

the basic concepts of performing erotic massages

how to identify knots of tension that so often block the flow of sexual energy

how to stimulate the Skene glands, responsible for controlling female ejaculation sprays

how to break down the barriers that stop women having an orgasm


simple but fundamental details about the complexities of female sexuality, to discover things that even women themselves don’t often know about!

Curiously, when a woman finds a man exceptionally rewarding in bed, she rarely lets her friends know about it (usually she feels a little afraid that someone might whisk him away). However, when the man doesn’t live up to expectations, she doesn’t hesitate to let everyone know. This guide was written for couples looking for new ideas to share in their intimate relationship; primarily for women who care about their sexuality and for the curious male who is interested in the wellbeing of his partner.

Give your life as a couple a decidedly POSITIVE leap.

Does it seem exaggerated? You have everything to gain!

The only risk you run is that you’ll need to wear safety goggles + _ ^


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Customer reviews

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  • #3

    Luigi S. (martedì, 03 luglio 2012 18:39)

    It’s not a myth, a woman can really squirt. I bought this book as a present for my wife’s birthday. But the greatest gift was made to me. Seeing her ejaculate for the first time under my fingers is an experience I will never forget.

  • #2

    Sara F. (martedì, 03 luglio 2012 18:38)

    It works! I’ve heard people taking about squirting for some time. I so was intrigued that I wanted to try it myself and ... I did it! My boyfriend is also sooooo happy :) Thanks!

  • #1

    Nicoletta (martedì, 03 luglio 2012 18:38)

    I must say that when I bought this book I was intrigued, but a bit sceptical. Then I started reading it with my partner, and put the recommended exercises and massages into practice. We haven’t reached the objective of ejaculation, but our journey to get there has been very pleasurable, and I’m sure we’ll get there soon.

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